Mindful Christian Transitions When You Don’t Get to Leave

Staying in the house means that the transition times between work/home life — or even ending one task and starting another — are blurred. Here’s a Christian mindfulness exercise to help in those transitions.

  1. When you finish your work or your task, stop to close your eyes and listen to your breathing.
  2. Lift up your heart to God in prayer, asking Him to bless what you have just done. Stay quietly in your prayer for a few minutes, releasing your tension and lifting up your spirit.
  3. Then ask a blessing on your next task or transition, such as “Lord, please use my work for the highest good.”
  4. If you are moving from work to family time, take a few more minutes to tell yourself that you are done working for the day. Some people benefit from changing their clothes or taking a walk around the outside of the house to make the transition.

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