God Does the Work

As I’ve developed my Christian mindfulness practice, I began to notice that most of the exercises on abiding in God have to do with God abiding in me. Scripture verifies this, because abiding in a mutual effort. “Abide in Me and I in you,” Jesus said in John 15:4.

We need to allow Christ’s abiding in us to transform from a fact that we know intellectually to a practice of allowing him to live out of us.

If you’d like to explore abiding in Jesus, I have 15 steps you can take. I’d suggest that you add them one at a time.

Step 1: Try a daily prayer of surrender. My pastor, Rich Nathan at Vineyard Columbus, has suggested this in various sermons. He said he offers his mind, his hands, his feet, etc. every day to God to us.

An example of the prayer could be as simple as: “Today is Your Day, Lord. I am yours. May your Spirit lead, guide and prompt me throughout the day. May I be sensitive to Your prompting and respond accordingly. Today I surrender my life to You.”

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