Christian Mindfulness & COVID-19

We may live with COVID-19 for months or years. Attempts to protect the health care systems seem to have worked in the United States, except my beloved New York City. Hospitals there have been overwhelmed.

How do we walk in Christian mindfulness as the world begins to slowly reopen? The virus will still be with us, and we must learn to walk with Jesus in a new kind of reality.

The first step is to stay in the day. For most of us, God has provided all we need for today.

The second step is to listen. If we do, we will find that God expects us to feed the hungry. Here’s what Feeding America has to say about this.

Those of us who have not been seriously impacted need to prayfully consider God’s call on us to help. Today, let’s take some time to look around our homeland’s situation and find a new way to help.

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