What If Christians Loved Each Other?

The cross-pollination of politics and faith in the United States has created an unholy mess. Too many unbelievers see Christians as more firmly aligned with a political party than with Jesus.

The light and love of Jesus need to shine in each of us, and we need to love each other even when we disagree with each other. Imagine what a witness that would be today.

It’s traditional during January to pray for Christian unity. Let us add a healthy dose of mindfulness to those prayers. Let us watch ourselves to become aware when we are looking askance at fellow Christians because we disagree with them on an issue, even an issue that we consider fundamental to our belief system. Once we see this behavior, let us pray for those we disagree with in love.

Let us pray for the church and its people:

Gracious Father, we pray to you for all those who believe in Jesus. Fill us with your truth. Keep us in your peace. Where the church is corrupt, reform it. Where the church is right, defend it. Where we are divided, teach us to love one another and reunite us for the sake of your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.

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